In Groundbridge physics, the term Wormhole generally indicates the "tunnel" created between two active Groundbridges after one of them successfully dials the other, enabling faster-than-light travel in one direction.



Wormhole 1

The old wormhole effect, used in The movie and TV Show Seasons 1 to 13

  • Seasons 1 to 13 used an older wormhole CGI effect, carried from the Groundbridge movie. Season 14 onward uses a new version of the effect, along with an orchestral hit when the effect finishes.
  • In the original Groundbridge film, the visual effect was twenty-one seconds long, featuring the swirl of blue light followed by a flash a white light and several stars. There would then be two strips of blue light that twist and turn as yellow lights moved on the screen before a final flash of white light. Episodes after that merely showed the swirl of blue colors (as seen in the picture above) and only lasted a few seconds. This was most likely due to save time within the episodes. However, the full scene was shown in Rob Gets An Anal Probe and a similar effect seen in The Fifth Race.
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