Walter Harriman
Harriman as a Master Technician
Gender Male
Occupation Technician
Groundbridge operator
Age 30s-40s
Alignment Good
Religion Roman Catholic
Allies Principal Waternoose
Dr. Janet Fraiser
Enemies Goa'uld
Relatives Unknown
Voiced by Jess Harnell
First appearance Rob Gets An Anal Probe

Walter Harriman is the commanding officer of the CES Technical Movement and currently holds the rank of Chief Master Technician.

Personality and CharacteristicsEdit

He is trusted with much, and is known to be loyal to his work. He is the one who began the "chevron seven locked" phrase on the Groundbridge completing its dialing sequence, as part of a way to change things up. He's following the strict protocols in the military, and is known to know exactly what the commanding officer wants, before he even has to say it. As of his promotion to Chief Master Technician, he was the Senior Technical Officer (STO) at CES.

Ranks HeldEdit

  • Senior Technician - Seasons 1-2
  • Lieutenant Master Technician - Seasons 2-9
  • Master Technician - Seasons 10-13
  • First Master Technician - Season 14
  • Senior Master Technician - Seasons 14-17
  • Chief Master Technician - Season 18-present


  • In Prototype, Lance Patrick reveals that Walter is diabetic. However in later episodes, Walter's diagnosis has not been mentioned.
  • His voice actor, Jess Harnell also voices Rex Petuski, Looker, Neroon, Horus (a character that only appeared in the original film) and many additional voices. He is also best known for voicing Wakko from Animaniacs, Taxicrab from Jungle Junction and Ironhide in the live-action Transformers films.


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