The vortex of an activating Groundbridge.

The Unstable vortex, also known as the "kawoosh" by Lance Patrick, is the burst of unstable energy emanating from an activating Groundbridge.


The vortex is capable of disintegrating virtually anything it touches, including living tissue. The Tok'ra funeral custom has the dead dissolved by an activating Groundbridge (to dispose of the body with no trace of them ever existing on a particular planet to be found by the Goa'uld). It is also used as a burial method by a group in a prison planet. This was later used by PuffPuff Humbert to destroy the Ancient Long-range communication device when they couldn't figure out another way to do it safely.




The "strudel" in the original film.

  • In the original Groundbridge film, when the vortex returned to the gate, it inverted into a whirlpool-like form with a small trail leading from it. Adam Campbell-Sing nicknamed this effect "strudel", after the German word for an effect like this. This effect was not transferred into the series, though a similar effect was seen in Waterbridge.
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