Thor's Adventure
Thor's adventure
Heimdall pilots an Asgard Transport Pod
Season 7, Episode 8
Air date Unknown
Directed by Andy Mikita
Guest stars Michael Shanks as the voices of Thor, Pengal and Aegir
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 Thor's Adventure is eighth episode of the seventh season and the 115th overall of Crappington.


After Orilla, the homeworld of the Asgard is under attack by the Goa'uld, The Asgard leader Thor teams up with the Asgard Councilor Freyr and enlists in Heimdall in order to force the Goa'uld out.



Minor CharactersEdit


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  • This episode bears many simularities to the 2144 segment of the 2004 novel Cloud Atlas (An Orison of Sonmi~451).
  • Puff and his party have no lines in this episode. However, during the battle, Lance and Zowie can be briefly seen helping the Earthrealm forces to kill all Goa'uld on Orilla. 
  • When Thor delivers his speech, he announces that the Tau'ri have become "The Fifth Race".
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