Sight Unseen
Sight unseen
The clone of Jean-Claude Van Damme is born
Season 6, Episode 9
Air date Unknown
Directed by James Lamont
Guest stars None
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Sight Unseen (renamed Van Dammed outside of North America) Is the ninth episode of the sixth season and the 96th overall of Crappington. It is also the last episode that Tweek is a member of the group.


Lance has hallucinations and is soon diagnosed with schizophrenia, possibly due to excessive Groundbridge travel. It is not, however, schizophrenia but a Goa'uld killing device belonging to Jean-Claude Van Damme, which eventually transmits itself to Zowie.



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  • Dr. Janet Fraiser's comments about there being no history of mental problems in Lance's family would be retconned later in the episode Clamperl Of Wisdom. (Frasier only said there was no history of schizophrenia, rather than any mental illness at all, and in that episode, schizophrenia is never referenced by name).
  • The clip showing Van Damme awakening from the sarcophagus was first shown in the Season 6 opening title.
  • According to the commentary, this episode was originally called by its international name, Van Dammed.
  • Van Damme would later return as a recurring character starting with the Season 19 episode Queen Of The Van Dammed.
  • Dr. Eric Schnidier reffers to the events of 48 Hours.


  • When Puff centrifuges his blood sample he only puts one tube into the centrifuge. Centrifuges must be balanced with an equal-weight sample on the opposite side when spinning.
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