Season 7 of Crappington.

At the very beginning of this season, Robert Tenorman is revealed to have de-ascended shortly after the Battle of Abydos, and after destroying Havik's safeguard mode, He rejoins Puff's Party. This season also features the breakup of Lance and Zowie in the episode Rasins. In the following episode, Teri Collins was a result for Zowie's replacement from Seasons 8 to 11. The effects of their breakup are revisited in the Season 9 episode Follow That Egg!. However, in the Season 11 finale, The List, Lance and Zowie appear to make up and get back together, with the episode ending with Lance vomiting on Zowie with nervousness.


Total Image # Title Plot Production Code
108 1 A Tenorman Homecoming The team find Rob, who seemed to have de-ascended, and has no memories of his past life whatsoever. Meanwhile, Havik is now using his superweapon to thwart his enemies. Zowie and Rob must sneak onboard his mothership to disable the weapon, while Lance and Puff use their F-301 fighter-jet to penetrate its shield. 701
109 2 Krazy Kripples Timmy and Jimmy start a club for cripples. 502
110 3 Toilet Paper Lance feels guilty after he and the boys TP their art teacher's house. 703
111 4 Christian Rock Hard Rob, Tobias, and Melvin form a Christian music band. Puff, Lance, and Zowie learn about downloading free music off the Internet. 704
112 5 Hiccup Power 705
113 6 Wormhole X-Treme! The kids watch a television commercial about a new sci-fi show called "Wormhole X-Treme!", which has very similar attributes to the Groundbridge program. While Puff investigates, he learns that Martin Lloyd pitched the idea of the show to the studio. 706
114 7 Blue Cat's Greed 707
Thor's adventure
8 Thor's Adventure After Orilla, the homeworld of the Asgard is under attack by the Goa'uld, The Asgard leader Thor teams up with the Asgard Councilor Freyr and enlists in Heimdall in order to force the Goa'uld out. 708
116 9 Red Sky A climatic error is blamed on Rob by Lance, which leads to a mass fight of religions. 709
117 10 Casa Bonita Rob tries to get himself invited to Lance's birthday party at Casa Bonita, a Disneyland-like Mexican restaurant. 710
118 11 All About Mormons Puff befriends a boy and his family, who are all Mormons. 711
12 Inauguration Henry Hayes has been inaugurated as President of the United States. There, Senator Robert Kinsey once again plans on stopping the Groundbridge Program, and enlists the help of U.S.A.F Major Roger Donovan, who discovers Kinsey's true intentions. 712
120 13 Rasins The boys take Lance to Rasins, a Hooters-like restaurant after Zowie breaks up with him. Melvin meets a girl who seems interested in him. 713
121 14 Smells Like Team Spirit 714
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