Season 5 of Crappington.

This is the last season to feature the boys on their trip to school until it was replaced with a country-style opening with new animation in Season 6. The season features the premier of two new characters, Jimmy Swanson and Mimey. The season also features the permanent "death" of Rob Tenorman and the preparation of Melvin Sneedly becoming a main character.


Total Image # Title Plot Production Code
74 1 It Hits The Fan The kids and Chef must stop the world from chanting the curse word "crap" because when spoken it causes people to "puke their own guts out". 501
75 2 Cripple Fight! A fight ensues between two handicapped children, Jimmy Swanson and Timmy. 502
76 3 Freak Strike The kids convince Rob to appear on "The Maury Povich Show" with a fake facial deformity in order to receive the show's prizes. 503
77 4 Thomas And Peter: Behind The Explosion The kids try to reunite Thomas and Peter who are feuding so they can perform at an Earth Day assembly. 504
78 5 Proper Condom Use 505
79 6 Prototype 506
80 7 Rite Of Passage 507
81 8 He Is It! During a game of tag, Toad tags Rob, who starts demanding special treatment, and because everyone has to follow the rules, no one can disobey him. 508
82 9 Mimey 509
83 48 hours 10 48 Hours After escaping the Goa'uld, and killing Tanith, the Groundbridge shuts down just as Skipper is still in the wormhole. Their efforts to halt the Groundbridge program are threatened, when Senator Robert Kinsey gives them a 48 hour deadline to save him, or the Stargate program will continue, and Skipper will die. 510
84 11 The Entity Lance's cousin, who is also named Lance, comes to stay in Crappington; Miss Genesect, tired of the airlines, decides to invent her own vehicle. 511
85 12 Toad Stands By 512
86 13 Meridian The group has discovered that the Tollans have Naquadria, a more volatile version of Naquadah, and they plan to use it as a weapon, since the planet's three nations are on the verge of war. Rob prevents an accident, but is stricken with radiation poisoning in the process, and will die if they don't save him in time. 513
87 Thor's revelations 14 Revelations Following the loss of Rob, Havik has made his fleet immune to Asgard defenses, and he has captured Thor. The gang must assist Heimdall to evacuate all Asgard knowledge from Adara II, before Havik gets his hands on them. 514
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