Season 4 of Crappington.

All that happens in this season is that there are a handful of new characters introduced (in order of the aired episode), Timmy Burch (One of the boys' two handicapped classmates, whose vocabulary is mostly limited to the enthusiastic shouting of random stuff like "Boom-Shak-A-Laka"; introduced in The Tooth Fairy's Tats), and Jet-Vac (An Airman, who leaves his tribe to join CES's Student Body; introducd in The Fogman).


Total Image # Title Plot Prod. code
53 1 Small Victories While Lance and Zowie help Thor fight the last of the Ida Galaxy Replicators, Puff and the team must find a way to contain them on earth. 401
54 2 The Tooth Fairy's Tats The kids plan to get rich off of a scheme involving the tooth fairy. 402
55 3 Life Of Crime Rob is imprisoned after committing a hate crime against Tobias (hitting him with a stone). 403
56 4 Timmy Trouble All the kids in Crappington get mistakenly diagnosed with Attention-Deficit Disorder (ADD). Mr. Brown sends Rex to Miss Genesect's Class in order to make room for Timmy, a new kid who joins a rock band. 404
57 5 Quintriplets A family of quintuplets attracts media. 405
58 6 Chef Goes Nanners Chef is at odds with the town over the Tri-State Area flag. 406
59 7 Cherokee Hair Tampoons Lance must get Puff to donate one of his kidneys to save Zowie's life. 407
60 8 Waterbridge Crappington Elementary is unable to activate their Groundbridge. They soon discover that the Russians have their hands on one, after they recovered one from the wreckage of their crashed ship. Another problem is that their Groundbridge is somehow still activated indefinitely. 408
61 9 My Partner Gets All The Credit Lance is Paired with Zowie in the Crappington Games, and since Lance is not a good athlete, she must do all of the work. However, every time she wins an event, Lance gets the credit, and Zowie is starting to get angry with Lance, putting their relationship to the test. 409
62 10 Something You Can Do With Your Finger The boys form a boy band, to which Puff's father David, objects. 410
63 11 Clyde's Early Night Clyde is forced to wake up at 12am in the morning to help the Bitix clan fix their Mothership. 411
64 12 The First Ones Rob is captured and taken prisoner by the Unas (Chaka's Race) on P3X-888. While he learns more about the Unas, the rest of The 5th Grade plans a rescue operation. 412
The fogman
13 The Fogman The Airmen, an advanced society from Ida go off-world to clear a fog. Meanwhile, Jet-Vac, one of the race's greatest lieutenants awakens a dragon and fights for the very survival for him and his race. 413
66 14 The Secret Serum Skipper is at the odds of his people when Cimmeria is under fire by an unknown being. 414
67 15 You Can't Win Toad challenges Dwebble to a tag race, but Dwebble learns that she is not fast enough to win a tag race. 415
68 16 Trapper Keeper A man from the future wants Rob's trapper keeper; The kindergarten class holds an election with confusing results. 416
69 17 All At Sea Lance wishes to travel to the horizon, but after helping an injured workman he changes his mind. 417
The light
18 The Light After a Guardsman kills himself by the Groundbridge's unstable vortex and the rest of his team are mysteriously dying, The Gang links the team's routine mission to P4X-347 to be responsible, as they find a highly beautiful, yet very addictive light. 418
71 19 Fat Camp Rob is sent to a weight loss camp; Lance is paid to do numerous stunts. 419
72 20 The Tremendous Travels Of Martin Lloyd 420
73 21 Mind That Bike! Tom Tipper, The local city mailman, informs the kids that the Goa'uld has layed out a large amount of explosive bikes on roads. 421
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