Gender Male
Occupation Goa'uld scientist
Asgard scientist (formerly)
Age Possibly 100,000 (deceased)
Alignment Neutral
Religion Unknown
Allies Havik
PuffPuff Humbert
Teri Collins
Lance Patrick
Robert Tenorman
Enemies Thor (possibly)
Relatives None
Voiced by Adam Campbell-Sing (voice)
First appearance Fowl Play
Loki was a rogue Asgard Scientist who appeared as a Minor Character in the episode "Fowl Play".

Personality and ChracteristicsEdit

Not much is known about this rogue Asgard, due to his lack of screentime. He was first mentioned by Thor in the episode "Thor's Adventure" where he was confessing to Havik about his hatred to the Goa'uld. His only On-Screen appearance was "Fowl Play" where he tried to give Puff's Party advice for breeding the rare owl, which led to Rob blasting him in the stomach, causing him to fall ill. He later dies with Havik and a System Lord at his side.


  • Loki is the only Asgard to appear in one episode.
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