The following is a complete list of episodes for the Nickelodeon series Crappington.


Season 1Edit

Total Image # Title Plot Prod. code
Rob gets an anal probe
1 Rob Gets An Anal Probe Rob tells his friends about an odd nightmare he had the previous night involving an egyptian race called the Abydonians abducting him from his bed. Puff, Lance, Zowie and Chef all try to convince him that his dream really happened. 101
2 2 Weight Gain 9000 Rob tries to bulk up using "Weight Gain 9000"; Mr. Brown attempts to assassinate Kathie Lee Gifford. A mishap happens when Rob takes too much and becomes more overweight than he already is and Kathie Lee Gifford flees. 102
3 3 Double Trouble Two Goa'uld assassins, Noob Saibot And Smoke-451 (better known as Noob-Smoke) cause mischeif and mayhem for Puff and his friends. 103
4 4 Brief Candle The Kids travel to Inferniona, Homeworld to Ignitor and his race, the Pyronians. There, Ignitor's past is revealed. 104
Thor's hammer
5 Thor's Hammer Whilst exploring Cimmeria, Rob and Puff are transported to a labyrinth where any Goa'uld, as well as their host, will die if they try to escape. The two nevertheless attempt to find a way out, but are found by an unwanted visitor. Meanwhile, Zowie and Lance use Tundra, a former Goa'uld host, to guide them to the labyrinth. 105
6 6 An Elephant Makes Love To A Pig The kids try to breed an elephant with a pig as a genetic engineering experiment; Puff struggles with his abusive sister. An elusive Goa'uld Doctor creates a evil Puff by taking Puff's blood. 106
7 7 Zowie Gets Queefed Zowie gets addicted to the latest drug; Zowie's pet hamster is introduced to the human world; The kids meet a genetic alien race called the Asgard. 107
8 8 The Bitix After increased pressure to acquire advanced technology from their missions, The 5th Grade travel to the planet Gaia in order to capture a creature apparently capable of rendering itself invisible. There they meet the Bitix, an advanced race from Ida, whom the kid's fellow classmate, Dino-Rang, wishes to slay. 108
9 9 Drobot's Secret Clyde finds an Arkeyan Dragon named Drobot and helps bring him into the Tau'ri community. 109
Split decision
10 Split Decision The kids rescue a group of technologically advanced Humans, the Tollans, whom they find near death on a volcanically unstable planet. The Tollans don't want to share any of their knowledge with the more "primitive" Earth Humans and, because of this, the NID and Colonel Harold Maybourne plan to take them away for study. Puff tries to stop the NID by having the reluctant Tollans use their technology to escape. 110
11 11 Politics The Tau'ri government has drastic plans as Senator Robert Kinsey evaluates the dangers of the Groundbridge program. 111
12 Mecha-Utonatron-X 95000 After the Groundbridge program is shut down after Senator Robert Kinsey's visit, The Goa'uld creates its first tool of mass destruction: A massive robot. Puff and all the students must stop it. 112
Within the serpent's grasp
13 Within The Serpent's Grasp Rob decides to re-unite with his Father; The kids' fight with the Goa'uld robot concludes. 113

Season 2Edit

Total Image # Title Plot Prod. code
14 1 The Serpent's Lair Rob's quest to re-unite with his father concludes; Puff and the others meet Melvin Sneedly, the school braniac. 201
15 Dont touch that dile 2 Don't Touch That 'dile Rob must find Dr. Fraiser's pet Totodile after it goes missing; Mr. Brown's class go on a field trip. 202
16 3 In The Line Of Duty While on an evacuation mission, a symbiote takes Zowie as its host and makes its way to Earth in order to leave for another planet. However, the rest of the team finds out and arrests her. She tells the team that she is a member of the legendary Tok'ra and that an Asarus (Goa'uld assassin) is sent to kill her. 203
17 4 Chickenlover In order to complete "Operation Chickenlover", Officer Frogsworth seeks the help of Rob to capture the chicken for Him. 204
18 5 Ike's Wee Wee Puff and Teri try to get Puff's little brother Ike to get rid of drug addiction; The school counselor is very close to getting fired. 205
19 6 Goop The School holds an appreciation week for A new kid who has arrived from an alien world Gelopia, Goop while Puff and Rob hold a disliking party for him. 206
20 Thor's chariot 7 Thor's Chariot The Goa'uld has discovered that Cimmeria is no longer protected by Thor's Hammer, which The Kids destroyed to free Skipper and is enslaving the natives. The Kids' only hope is to somehow free the mythical Thor from his Goa'uld captivity form. 207
21 8 Summer Sucks The summer holidays begin for Crappington Elementary; Rob has swimming lessons; Teri stays with Puff for the whole summer. 208
22 9 Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls A film festival comes to Crappington. After the kids discover it is damaging the town they enlist the help of the Asgard to try to force the festival out. 209
23 10 The Tok'ra Zowie's visions of the former Jolinar of Malkshur lead her and her friends to a planet where several Tok'ra are hiding. They attempt to form an alliance which isn't going well. Meanwhile Zowie's father, Jacob Devlin, is dying from his lymphoma. 210
24 11 Clubhouses The kids create a clubhouse; Puff's parents separate. 211
25 12 Chef Aid When Chef is sued, the kids organize a concert to pay his legal bills. 212
26 The fifth race 13 The Fifth Race After Puff looks into an Ancient Resporatory of Knowledge, He realizes that he must spare his life and his relationships to the Asgard in order to raise money for a new race in The Alliance of the Four Great Races. 213
27 14 Spookyfish Beings from a parallel universe come to Crappington, such as a evil version of Puff's Team and a killer goldfish. 214
28 A venipede stampede 15 A Venipede Stampede A swarm of killer centipedes invade the city. 215
29 16 Cow Days The town holds its annual rodeo and carnival "Cow Days". The boys enter Rob as a bull rider in an attempt to win $5000 and play for Thomas and Peter dolls; the town's cows worship a statue. 216
30 17 Gnomes Tweek, assigned to write a current evens paper with the boys, keeps seeing "underpants gnomes;" his father's coffee shop competes with a popular coffee franchise that has just moved into town. 217
31 18 Prehistoric Octo-Bird The Kids must seperate the two individual bodies from a rapid Goa'uld formation. 218

Season 3Edit

Total Image # Title Plot Prod. code
32 1 Rainforest Shmainforest The kids are forced to join a choir campaigning to save the rainforest. Rob has a girlfriend. 301
33 2 Spontaneous Combusken Rob must spare his life to the Combusken if he is to compete in a fight against them; Clyde is revealed to have started his own party. 302
Archen episode
3 Archen While Archen and his friend Paxton are still working their heads around the School grammar system, They run into he Ancient king Cronus, and are forced to sacrifice their indignity to him. 303
35 4 Tweek Vs. Toad The kids train two classmates for a fight against each other. 304
36 5 Jakovasaurs The town tries to save a species from extinction. 305
37 6 The Subuscus When Chef gets engaged, the kids become concerned as he seemingly becomes a different person. 306
38 7 Bad Asgard The Goa'uld learns of Thor's freedom; Rob babysits and falls in love with Puff's Sister. 307
Lance melvin rob and the big asgard riot
8 Melvin, Lance, Rob And The Big Asgard Riot Rob, Melvin and Lance must stop the Goa'uld from destroying the Asgard homeworld. 308
40 9 Jewbillee Lance and Zowie go to a Jewish scout camp where Lance revives the Asgard Lord Odin. 309
Fair game
10 Fair Game Just after Zowie is congratulated for her heroisim of defeating Hathor, Puff is beamed out of the middle of the ceremony and aboard a ship belonging to Thor of the Asgard. Thor tells him that he will host a negotiation between the Tau'ri and the Ancient Cronus, the Asgard Lord Odin, and the Bitix Lao Tse. However, one of them does not wish to negotiate. 310
Current events
11 Current Events The Humberts, Puff, and his party take Teri to a Telsa Power Generator for her 9th birthday. 311
43 12 Hooked On Monkey Phonics With the help of Phonics Monkey, Rob enters a Spelling bee. The kids meet children who are homeschooled. 312
A chaotic rise to excellence
13 A Chaotic Rise To Excelence Havik, The Cleric Of Chaos, arrives on the Goa'uld Mothership and sets himself to a goal: succeed Saddamn as the Supreme Host of the Goa'uld. 313
45 14 Havik Vs. Hussein Havik challenges Saddamn to a battle aboard the Goa'uld warship. 314
15 Urgo The minds of the CES student body are being harassed by a curious being. 315
47 16 Myth Of Nick Using knowledge from the Jaffa, Rob tries to use Ancient technology to communicate with the mythical Great Ape. 316
48 17 The Gold Medal Of Gayness The town has an American Civil War re-enactment, led by Rob as General Lee. 317
49 18 New Digs Rob moves into Crappington Elementary so he doesn't have to be late for school anymore. 318
Crystal skull
19 Crystal Skull Rob stares down on a Crystal skull; however, he mysteriously disappears. Rob tries his best to communicate with them even though he can't be seen. He gets the elusive Old Rusty, to help since he claimed to have experienced the same thing. 319
51 20 World Wide Recorder Concert The children of Crappington are invited to Arkansas for the "Four Million Child Blow 2000," the first worldwide recorder concert. 320
21 Nemesis The kids face their most formidable foe yet, a creature of mass destruction that not even the Asgard can control. 321

Season 4Edit

Total Image # Title Plot Prod. code
53 1 Small Victories While Lance and Zowie help Thor fight the last of the Ida Galaxy Replicators, Puff and the team must find a way to contain them on earth. 401
54 2 The Tooth Fairy's Tats The kids plan to get rich off of a scheme involving the tooth fairy. 402
55 3 Life Of Crime Rob is imprisoned after committing a hate crime against Tobias (hitting him with a stone). 403
56 4 Timmy Trouble All the kids in Crappington get mistakenly diagnosed with Attention-Deficit Disorder (ADD). Mr. Brown sends Rex to Miss Genesect's Class in order to make room for Timmy, a new kid who joins a rock band. 404
57 5 Quintriplets A family of quintuplets attracts media. 405
58 6 Chef Goes Nanners Chef is at odds with the town over the Tri-State Area flag. 406
59 7 Cherokee Hair Tampoons Lance must get Puff to donate one of his kidneys to save Zowie's life. 407
60 8 Waterbridge Crappington Elementary is unable to activate their Groundbridge. They soon discover that the Russians have their hands on one, after they recovered one from the wreckage of their crashed ship. Another problem is that their Groundbridge is somehow still activated indefinitely. 408
61 9 My Partner Gets All The Credit Lance is Paired with Zowie in the Crappington Games, and since Lance is not a good athlete, she must do all of the work. However, every time she wins an event, Lance gets the credit, and Zowie is starting to get angry with Lance, putting their relationship to the test. 409
62 10 Something You Can Do With Your Finger The boys form a boy band, to which Puff's father David, objects. 410
63 11 Clyde's Early Night Clyde is forced to wake up at 12am in the morning to help the Bitix clan fix their Mothership. 411
64 12 The First Ones Rob is captured and taken prisoner by the Unas (Chaka's Race) on P3X-888. While he learns more about the Unas, the rest of The 5th Grade plans a rescue operation. 412
The fogman
13 The Fogman The Airmen, an advanced society from Ida go off-world to clear a fog. Meanwhile, Jet-Vac, one of the race's greatest lieutenants awakens a dragon and fights for the very survival for him and his race. 413
66 14 The Secret Serum Skipper is at the odds of his people when Cimmeria is under fire by an unknown being. 414
67 15 You Can't Win Toad challenges Dwebble to a tag race, but Dwebble learns that she is not fast enough to win a tag race. 415
68 16 Trapper Keeper A man from the future wants Rob's trapper keeper; The kindergarten class holds an election with confusing results. 416
69 17 All At Sea Lance wishes to travel to the horizon, but after helping an injured workman he changes his mind. 417
The light
18 The Light After a Guardsman kills himself by the Groundbridge's unstable vortex and the rest of his team are mysteriously dying, The Gang links the team's routine mission to P4X-347 to be responsible, as they find a highly beautiful, yet very addictive light. 418
71 19 Fat Camp Rob is sent to a weight loss camp; Lance is paid to do numerous stunts. 419
72 20 The Tremendous Travels Of Martin Lloyd 420
73 21 Mind That Bike! Tom Tipper, The local city mailman, informs the kids that the Goa'uld has layed out a large amount of explosive bikes on roads. 421

Season 5Edit

Total Image # Title Plot Production Code
74 1 It Hits The Fan The kids and Chef must stop the world from chanting the curse word "crap" because when spoken it causes people to "puke their own guts out". 501
75 2 Cripple Fight! A fight ensues between two handicapped children, Jimmy Swanson and Timmy. 502
76 3 Freak Strike The kids convince Rob to appear on "The Maury Povich Show" with a fake facial deformity in order to receive the show's prizes. 503
77 4 Thomas And Peter: Behind The Explosion The kids try to reunite Thomas and Peter who are feuding so they can perform at an Earth Day assembly. 504
78 5 Proper Condom Use 505
79 6 Prototype 506
80 7 Rite Of Passage 507
81 8 He Is It! During a game of tag, Toad tags Rob, who starts demanding special treatment, and because everyone has to follow the rules, no one can disobey him. 508
82 9 Mimey 509
83 48 hours 10 48 Hours After escaping the Goa'uld, and killing Tanith, the Groundbridge shuts down just as Skipper is still in the wormhole. Their efforts to halt the Groundbridge program are threatened, when Senator Robert Kinsey gives them a 48 hour deadline to save him, or the Stargate program will continue, and Skipper will die. 510
84 11 The Entity Lance's cousin, who is also named Lance, comes to stay in Crappington; Miss Genesect, tired of the airlines, decides to invent her own vehicle. 511
85 12 Toad Stands By 512
86 13 Meridian The group has discovered that the Tollans have Naquadria, a more volatile version of Naquadah, and they plan to use it as a weapon, since the planet's three nations are on the verge of war. Rob prevents an accident, but is stricken with radiation poisoning in the process, and will die if they don't save him in time. 513
87 Thor's revelations 14 Revelations Following the loss of Rob, Havik has made his fleet immune to Asgard defenses, and he has captured Thor. The gang must assist Heimdall to evacuate all Asgard knowledge from Adara II, before Havik gets his hands on them. 514

Season 6Edit

Season 7Edit

Total Image # Title Plot Production Code
108 1 A Tenorman Homecoming The team find Rob, who seemed to have de-ascended, and has no memories of his past life whatsoever. Meanwhile, Havik is now using his superweapon to thwart his enemies. Zowie and Rob must sneak onboard his mothership to disable the weapon, while Lance and Puff use their F-301 fighter-jet to penetrate its shield. 701
109 2 Krazy Kripples Timmy and Jimmy start a club for cripples. 502
110 3 Toilet Paper Lance feels guilty after he and the boys TP their art teacher's house. 703
111 4 Christian Rock Hard Rob, Tobias, and Melvin form a Christian music band. Puff, Lance, and Zowie learn about downloading free music off the Internet. 704
112 5 Hiccup Power 705
113 6 Wormhole X-Treme! The kids watch a television commercial about a new sci-fi show called "Wormhole X-Treme!", which has very similar attributes to the Groundbridge program. While Puff investigates, he learns that Martin Lloyd pitched the idea of the show to the studio. 706
114 7 Blue Cat's Greed 707
Thor's adventure
8 Thor's Adventure After Orilla, the homeworld of the Asgard is under attack by the Goa'uld, The Asgard leader Thor teams up with the Asgard Councilor Freyr and enlists in Heimdall in order to force the Goa'uld out. 708
116 9 Red Sky A climatic error is blamed on Rob by Lance, which leads to a mass fight of religions. 709
117 10 Casa Bonita Rob tries to get himself invited to Lance's birthday party at Casa Bonita, a Disneyland-like Mexican restaurant. 710
118 11 All About Mormons Puff befriends a boy and his family, who are all Mormons. 711
12 Inauguration Henry Hayes has been inaugurated as President of the United States. There, Senator Robert Kinsey once again plans on stopping the Groundbridge Program, and enlists the help of U.S.A.F Major Roger Donovan, who discovers Kinsey's true intentions. 712
120 13 Rasins The boys take Lance to Rasins, a Hooters-like restaurant after Zowie breaks up with him. Melvin meets a girl who seems interested in him. 713
121 14 Smells Like Team Spirit 714

Season 8Edit

Season 9Edit

Total Image # Title Plot Prod. code
136 1 An Exploding Achievement Countdown befriends a troll named Boomer, who subsequently tries to cause trouble in the school. 901
137 2 Die Hippie, Die Rob seeks to rid the world of hippies once and for all. 902
138 3 Wing The kids start a talent agency in hopes of making money from Tobias. 903
139 4 Dead Man's Pike A freak accident on P9Q-128 influences Robert Kinsey (who is now Vice President) to attempt to shut down the Groundbridge Program and the Protected Planets Treaty. Meanwhile, Toad gets into trouble for breaking a requirement for one of Fraiser's experiments. 904
140 5 The Losing Edge The boys in Mr. Brown's Class try to lose their baseball games on purpose so they can avoid playing all summer. Lance's father gets into training to fight the other fathers at the games. 905
141 Enemy mine 6 Enemy Mine Rex's Team is attempting to mine Naquadah on P3X-403 and have alerted a number of native Unas, after they were provoked on their sacred ground. The only hope for a truce is for Teri to bring Chaka to 403. However, the Tau'ri military do not wish an alliance. 906
142 7 The Unhandicappable Lance dates Jimmy's ex-girlfriend, Starla, in an attempt to get the two back together. 907
143 8 Errection Day Clyde starts getting erections and worries about performing in the school talent show. 908
144 The furling 9 The Furling Lance is determined to make contact with the mysterious Furling race so his friends don't have to make fun of him anymore. 909
145 10 Hitman Rob is forced to have a personal slave, under the Goa'uld's control at his house. 910
146 Follow that egg 11 Follow That Egg! Mr. Brown becomes involved in an abolitionist movement to marry Miss Genesect; A parenting project involving an egg turns Lance and Tobias into rivals, while on the other hand, Rob and Melvin make a pledge to get themselves an A+ by creating the best egg. 911
147 12 The Canadian Effect Rob suffers from a mysterious and sudden onset of the 'disease' Canaditis. He then starts a campaign to give children in his assumed position "more than equal" rights. 912
148 13 Free Williatius A "talking" whale inspires the kids to risk everything to "return him to his family on the moon". 913
149 14 Bloodfeast A religious statue in the city comes to life and the citizens of Crappington are forced to have their blood spared. 914

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