Washington D.C.
Season 7, Episode 12
Air date Unknown
Directed by Lee Eisenhower
Guest stars Ed Paul as Senator Robert Kinsey
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Inauguration Is the twelth episode of the seventh season and the 119th overall of Crappington.

This episode features none of the main cast physicaly and focuses on father and son Roger and Clyde Donovan.


Henry Hayes has been inaugurated as President of the United States. There, Senator Robert Kinsey once again plans on stopping the Groundbridge Program, and enlists the help of U.S.A.F Major Roger Donovan, who discovers Kinsey's true intentions.

Previously on CrappingtonEdit

The Russian Air Force announces that it is their turn to shut down the Groundbridge Program. (48 Hours)

The Tau'ri governments of China, the UK, Russia, and France come to CES alongside Robert Kinsey who comes to shut down the Groundbridge Program, Dr. Janet Fraiser is joined by Principal Waternoose in order to prevent the program from being stopped. Thor then comes in to tell the government that the Asgard will install their own technology and weapons in the Tri-State, a reward for saving their lives from extinction. The feud is then settled. (Disclosure)



Minor CharactersEdit


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