Full Circle
Full circle
Rob uses his ascended powers against Havik
Season 6, Episode 20
Air date Unknown
Directed by Lee Eisenhower
Guest stars Dave Wittenberg as Skarra
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The Death Camp Of Tolerance A Tenorman Homecoming (Season 7)
This episode is part 2 of 3; it is preceded by "The Death Camp Of Tolerance" and followed by "A Tenorman Homecoming".

Full Circle is the twentieth and final episode of the sixth season and the 107th overall of Crappington.


Havik intends to wipe out all other Forces in the galaxy. Rob warns the 5th Grade to stop Havik from retrieving the Eye of Ra from Abydos. They enlist the Abydonians to hold off the Goa'uld forces, and prevent him from taking the Eye, which will strengthen his new superweapon and give supreme energy to the other System Lords.

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  • Zowie Devlin only has three lines of dialogue in this episode.
  • It is confirmed that the other ascended entities are, in fact, the Ancients.
  • The camera shot at the end showing the pyramid blowing up cost $150,000, according to Adam Campbell-Sing, in the DVD commentary.
  • Starting with the Season 7 opening title, The scenes including the Battle of Abydos, Rob attacking Havik with his Ascended Powers and the pyramid blowing up can be seen as reccuring clips in the opening montage.
  • This is the final appearance of Abydos and the Abydonians (with the exception of Shau'ri, who lives with Toad on earth) in the series.


  • At the end of the episode when the Kids return to Abydos and enters the camp, there can be seen a lot of tire marks from trucks in the sand.
  • In one moment, Tobias takes down a Glider with stinger. After the next cut he is holding AT-4 rocket launcher.
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