Gender Male
Occupation Member of the Asgard High Council
Age 100,000
Alignment Good
Religion Asgard Catholic
Allies Thor
PuffPuff Humbert
Zowie Devlin
Lance Patrick
Robert Tenorman
Enemies Hex
Relatives None
Voiced by Tom Wayland (voice)
First appearance The Secret Serum

Freyr is a member of the advanced Asgard race and has a position on the Asgard High Council.

Personality and CharacteristicsEdit

Freyr is very simular in personality with Thor, in the way that he pledges to defend the Asgard Homeworld. He was first seen as a holographic recording in The Secret Serum, where he tells Skipper and Gairwyn that Hex may be able to destroy Orilla, the homeworld of the Asgard.

In Revelations, he visits Crappington Elementary School and informs the kids about Thor's "death" at the hands of the Goa'uld. He states that the Goa'uld attacked a planet under the Asgard's protection, and then an Asgard Gliscor-Class was destroyed, leaving Thor's fate unexplainable. Later in the episode, Thor is revealed to have survived the destruction of the ship, having been captured by the Goa'uld in the process. Freyr later appears in the episode, and pilots an Valhala-Class Asgard Ship and takes Puff, his party, Thor and Heimdall home aboard the ship.

In addition, he is a reccuring Asgard in the show, alongside Thor and Kvasir.




  • The Secret Serum - First appearance; He appears as a hologram, and explains to Skipper and Gairwyn that Hex could be capable of destroying Orilla.
  • Revelations - Visits the school and informs the kids that Thor has been "killed" by the Goa'uld. Later defends the kids against the Goa'uld and orders Puff and Heimdall to free Thor. This is the first time we see him physicaly.
  • Asspen - Assists Zowie in coordinating the slope race using a Transport Pod.
  • Disclosure - Appears in archive footage.
  • Hiccup Power - Freyr is chosen to promote a campaign for hiccup treatment.
  • Thor's Adventure - Helps Thor fight the Goa'uld off on Orilla.
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