Chain Reaction
Chain reaction
The new principal
Season 6, Episode 15
Air date Unknown
Directed by Vincent Waller
Guest stars Ed Paul as Senator Robert Kinsey
Tom Kane as Principal Henry Bauer
Keith Szarabajka as Colonel Harold Maybourne
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Chain Reaction Is the fifteenth episode of the sixth season and the 102nd overall of Crappington.


Principal Waternoose is apparently forced to retire, and replaced by Henry Bauer. There is nothing the Kids could do about it, since they will fight someone high up in government. However, Puff and Teri enlist the help of Harold Maybourne to stop the NID, and Senator Robert Kinsey to return Waternoose to his office. Meanwhile Lance gets into trouble for making fun of Bauer and is somehow threatened by him to fight him after school.



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  • According to the DVD commentary, there are many references to the movie The Silence of the Lambs. As Lecter does with Clarice in the movie, Colonel Harold Maybourne refers to quid pro quo, should PuffPuff really want to get help from him. Another reference is the final telephone conversation between Puff and Maybourne, the latter calling from an exotic place, just as Lecter called Clarice Starling at the end of The Silence of the Lambs.
  • The original ending to this episode saw Maybourne walking free and Puff and Teri looking the other way. The producers decided not to go forward with this idea as it would be too out of characters for the two.
  • This episode marks the only appearance of Tessa and Kayla, Principal Waternoose's oft-mentioned granddaughters, on the series.
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