Beliskiner Unbound
Beliskiner Unbound
RMS Beliskiner in hyperspace
Season 18, Episode 6
Air date Unknown
Directed by Josh Holt
Guest stars Troy Baker as Hans Olo
Michael Shanks as the voice of Thor
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Beliskiner Unbound Is the sixth episode of the eighteenth season of Crappington.


Freyr offers Rob to go with him on board the RMS Beliskiner to find the missing Pegasus Galaxy. However, on the way they pick up a distress signal and investigates. There, a Kull warrior makes its way on board, and imprisons Rob and leaves the rest of the crew trapped on a damaged Ha'tak.



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  • The crew of the Beliskiner could have merely stood within the Transportation rings while aboard the Ha'tak and wait for the Kull intruder to ring other crew from the Beliskiner, thus transporting them back on board.
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