Beast Of Burden
Beast of burden
Chaka in his cell
Season 13, Episode 12
Air date Unknown
Directed by Joe Hanson
Guest stars Mark Gibbon as M'zel
Robin Atkin Downes as the voice of Chaka
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Beast Of Burden the twelfth episode of the thirteenth season and the 203rd overall of Crappington.


Chaka and other Unas are kidnapped and sold as servants on another planet by the Tok'ra. When Lance and Drill Sergeant are captured by Chaka, who had broken free from his cell, they plan to escape the planet.



Minor CharactersEdit


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  • Rob only has two lines and Puff and Zowie do not speak.
  • Mark Gibbon (M'zel) previously played Thor (captive image) in the episodes "Thor's Hammer" and "Thor's Chariot".
  • Following this episode, Tweek Tweak is not present in the classroom scenes. however, he made an appearance in the class in Royal Pudding.
  • Original titles for this episode includes My Big Fat Unas Wedding (referring to the 2002 romantic comedy My Big Fat Greek Wedding), Chaka's Deep and It's All About U-nas (which is a pun on "It's all about You").
  • M'zel refers to the events of The Serpent's Venom.
  • This episode takes place two weeks after 200.


  • When Lance confronts Chaka, another Lance can be seen with Drill Sergeant in the background.
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